Start Your Journey to Equip and Inspire Young Heroes

APPRENTICE GUIDES are our most important hires because we only accept those who believe they are on a Hero’s journey and who we believe have the DRIVE, PERSEVERANCE and TALENT to someday run their own Acton Academy.


Your promises to us,

  • Encourage every child, parent and Guide to discover a “calling” that will change the world.
  • Show up prepared, on time, every time during our eleven month calendar.
  • Stress “learning to do” and “learning to be” over “learning to know”.
  • Never answer a question in the studio.
  • Plan to be at Acton Academy for a minimum of three years and provide eighteen months of notice so I can help find and train my replacement.

Our promises to you,

  • Support your personal Hero’s Journey.
  • Offer pre-start challenges to prepare you for your first day in the studio.
  • Set you on a path to open your own Acton Academy.
  • Provide you weekly feedback from children and parents plus a full review every three months.
  • Offer a starting salary of $25,000 with up to $6,000 annual bonus and a path for advancing to become a Lead Guide and Acton Academy Owner. For lead guides we offer a starting salary of $35,000 and an annual bonus of $6,000. After 4 year and when you are ready you will receive a $30,000 bonus as start-up capital for your own Acton Academy.

“The Acton Academy mission is to inspire each person who enters our
doors to find a calling that will change the world.”

Are you currently hiring?

Yes! We are looking for extraordinary guides for our elementary studio in Verona, NJ.

May I arrange a phone call or visit?

We would prefer for you to go through the online process first and a personal conversation will follow after that.
Most questions will be answered by the materials on our website

Do you offer benefits?

No, but our Guides have had little trouble arranging their own health care coverage.

What is the school calendar?

Acton Academy runs eleven months a year, typically with five to seven week “sprints”
followed by a week off.

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